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The Chicken Net Adventure

Towards the end of summer we decided to revisit having chickens. I missed having our own eggs, and was sick of the egg lady down the road always being sold out.

So we got eight new ladies for the coop. Two Americanas and six ISA Browns. The two Americanas were laid back as chics and continue to be to this day. They feathered out before snow fall which made me happy, and started laying delicious butt nuggets before the end of 2020.

One day we came home from work in the big city to find ALL of the chickens roaming the neighbors yard. We caught them one by one, and clipped their wing to stop a repeat performance. The next day half of the chickens were out again. Since the neighbors had taken to carrying a Yorkie outside to “shoo” the chickens away, and seemed generally displeased, I went on Amazon and ordered a net to cover the run.

Adding the net to the top of the rather large run was a pain in the keister… it was a cold and windy day, and that netting stretches like you wouldn’t believe. My husband and youngest son were helping put the net on better than I had it previously…. several frustrating hours later and several zippy ties later it was an acceptable cover. But by that time we were all frustrated with each other… not understanding what the other means when they say pull the net tight, and all the net does is stretch more making it look like you’re not doing anything but stand there with your fingers tangled in net. The youngest was in charge of the zippy ties and wasn’t the fastest on the hand off and delivery. I wasn’t pulling the net the right way apparently and was getting upset until my husband tried pulling the net tighter and realized what a pain it was. So the GD net was good to go…Or so we thought.

A few days later Dottie the Americana was tangled up in the netting. So we made some adjustments after cutting her free. Thinking we had it figured out now was our downfall.

The next day we came home and all of the chickens were at the neighbors again. They had their yorkie, and I was pissed. Upon further inspection we were missing a few ladies, and the root cause of their escape was the netting getting caught in the latch of the gate. It was just enough from keeping it closed.

The other neighbors told us they saw two chickens at the church earlier in the day… ugh. Damn chickens.

Later that night we got a text from a neighbor up the road. “Are you missing a chicken? The new neighbor is blaming me for this one.” She was kind enough to send a picture of said escapee, and upon claiming said chicken delivered her home to us. See not all of our neighbors are a pain in the ass.

The next day the last escapee returned home, and we thought whew this won’t happen anymore… you know every time you think you got it all figured out fate proves you wrong.

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