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The Lord and Lady of Ege

You know when you can’t come up with anything for your spouse’s birthday? So you google something like “what to get the manly man that won’t tell you what he wants”… and BINGO.. become a Lord or Lady of Scotland. Buy one get one free to boot! So simple an idiot can do it. You buy a square foot of land in Scotland, where they plant a tree, (allegedly) and ta-dah they email you a certificate of your Lordship. And that’s when it all started. We changed our email signatures at work, and people think we are rolling in dough, we changed the names of our phones Lady K and Lord N, the house phone is now The Manor. LOL it’s fun and stupid. We have a good time with it. The boys however don’t see the humor in it. They don’t curtsy very well either. It’s funny really because this is the first time I’ve ever been called a Lady. I’ve been called a lot of things… none of them polite in common society I can assure you. The Lord of the house can boast the same.

So yes, the Lord and Lady of Ege are enjoying the buy one get one free birthday gift. I recommend it if you have no other gift ideas, and have a sense of humor and $50 to piss away on a piece of paper, and the promise of a tree planted in your square foot of property in Scotland.

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