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So there I was…

Every great story begins with that infamous line “So there I was”. This story shall be no different. It was a little over a year ago here in the rural sticks. It was either a Tuesday or Thursday night, and we had just settled in to relaxing after work.

So there I was… minding my own business coming back from a trip to the kitchen when I saw two miniature ponies go jogging down the road. Now that’s not something you see every day, my brain thought, but I’m sure I dumbly pointed and said “Um”.

About the time my husband understood my bewildered state there was a frantic knock at the door. A panicked neighbor boy stood there breathless “Can you help me?” My husband, as per his usual, follows the boy outside to go wrangle horses. I don’t think he even had shoes on. What did I do? I thought to myself “Self, what do we have to lure some ponies back home?” So I sliced an apple, grabbed a carrot, and headed out the door.

By this time the ponies are frantic. They’re being chased by my husband and now two neighbor boys. One boy would rush the critter to try to grab it, and the pony would run away. My husband was trying to run block and block the ponies exit, but the pony would just run another direction. This was going to take all night. Or until these fat ponies had a heart attack from all this running. After pointing out that they are just going to keep running, and suggesting some more motivation; the neighbor boys went home to get some feed. Husband and I stood out in the field and let the ponies settle down. Slowly we moved closer and closer to these severely over weight ponies, my husband making that noise he makes at every critter to entice their attentions, is moving in on the fattest pony; and I’m pitching an apple chunk between me and the slightly less fat pony.

The pony slowly came to the apple chunk and was distracted enough that my husband could grab it’s halter. Woohoo one pony down, now to get the other. Like most animals, and ourselves included, these two were good motivated and when fattest saw less fat eating something she came right over.

The neighbor boys reappeared with a pail of feed, and led the way back home. Husband and I held the halters of these extremely huge puppy dogs, and had a little parade through town. The boys were thanking us for our help, and telling us the names of the ponies. For the life of me I don’t remember what they are, all I remember is that they were “native” names. Such as Moon Dance or Smelly Whispers something to that effect. We learned that the two ponies were actually mother and daughter, and that they had a tendency fit running a muck from time to time.

It was the talk of the town for quite some time … the day the ponies got out, but as most stories go it wasn’t the end of our adventures with these ponies….

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