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The great E-learning debacle

Last year when the ish hit the fan the kids were forced into e-learning. In which, I might add, they learned nothing. I, on the other hand, learned that I am not made of whatever stuff is required to tolerate elementary education.

I have a very short fuse for videos with song and dance to learn. I really have an even shorter fuse for whoever the junior achievement lady is. Her voice brings to mind finger nails on a chalkboard and the material mind numbing. It is no wonder to me that the youngest, then in second grade, had to start over all together in third grade. When they got booted out of school they were learning multiplication and in the height of times 6… third grade welcome to the ish you should have learned last year. Parents welcome to every day being a potential hell of elearning as from day to day we decide which pandemic peril we will be thrown into, and thus disrupting your lives. We know you work full time, and have the kids in day care before and after school, but guess what NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Your sullen child needs to check in no later than 9 am, AND has about two hours worth of BS to complete by the end of the day. None of which is beneficial to their growth and learning this school year.

Curve ball, the quarantine effect. Surprise! Someone tested positive in your child’s class and they need picked up from school immediately. They can’t go to day care or anywhere else. Lock them in their rooms. Wear masks in your home. Do not have close contact with your child. Any other day someone would be calling child protective services, but with a quarantine order it’s all okay because big brother says so.

Is my son locked in his room? No

Are we wearing masks? No

Are we not giving bedtime hugs and afternoon snuggles? No

All of this pandemic / quarantine is ridiculous. If a piece of toilet paper with ear straps makes you feel ready to conquer the world by all means go right ahead. Don’t hug your kids, lock them in their rooms, and see what kid of sociopaths and serial killers we spawn in a few years.

The government can’t tell you to not go to church, how many people to invite for Christmas, or how to behave in your own home. So many are sheep. Blindly following orders for a “disease” that is less deadly than the common flu.

I’m reminding of Bill Ingvall’s “here’s your sign” skit. Here’s your mask in its place. The world has gone bananas.


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