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Snow is coming

Another impending snow storm. Supposedly this one will be the level of “normal” snow we had as kids. You remember the kind you walked uphill both ways to school in. Snow. Inches of snow.

Rather than buying toilet paper and bread I’m more of a bottled water, coffee, and beer stock up person. Essentials.

Why bottled water? If the power goes out the well pump does too. Hence the need for a water supply.

Why coffee? You don’t want to see Rooster or myself without coffee in the morning. It’s grouchy and irritable at it’s core.

Why beer? If you’re going to be snowed in you need another beverage besides coffee. LOL it eases the nerves from thoughts of when will the power go out.

Honestly I’m not too worried about being snowed in… if it’s going to be cold it might as well snow. And besides, we never get enough snow to not make it to work. Okay once every five years or so… who knows maybe this is the ONE.

Well, big guy and I are trying to get motivated to go to the store. He needs slippers. And I’d like some craft supplies. Enjoy your Sunday and prepare for winter’s wonder of snow!

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