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Chaos Theory

Is it just me or since last March has life felt like the hunger games? Surviving on getting through the day, that cup of coffee in the morning, that sip of fuel at the end of the day… I’m not saying I’m depressed I’m just saying I need an out. For an hour, for a day, hell for the rest of our lives. I want to enjoy things again. Planning on vacations and not worrying about stupid COVID travel restrictions, or if I’m going to need vaccinated to be able to see the world again. Planning that spring garden and not worrying about what will be available come spring. Truth be told I like occasionally planting stupid shit that no one will eat but me and rooster, and by the end of summer we are so sick of whatever we don’t WANT to see it again until spring. gardening is fun. Until Covid. And then I calculated every tomato into every jar and how it’d feel our family if times got hard.

With talk of minimum wage hitting $15 an hour I sense hard times are coming for everyone. “The end is near“ shouts the man in the soap box on the corner. In the depths of my inner doubt I fear the same. We have good paying jobs but if minimum wage were $15 this gig doesn’t feel so good anymore. Milk will be ridiculously priced, forget meat being affordable. It’s time to become the hunters we all have in our blood… forage, hunt, become self reliant like our ancestors before us.

Those books on how your grandpappy made it through the depression are going to come in handy now boys. Learn to cook. Learn to hunt. That Chinese takeout won’t be the best deal on the block anymore… that $5.99 Buffet will be the Ruth Chris of MacDonalds. Sad but true. Teach your kids a trade, how to cook and how to hunt. Teach them life!

Fucking video games and virtual learning have rotted out kids personalization skills already… might As well teach them how to fend for themselves. Teach them how to make bread!

I feel my Gypsy roots itching to revolt, to face the music and flip off the government with gusto. I feel the need to run to the mountains and the need to fight, and I don’t understand it. My kids deserve better than the educational system has offered them since March of 2020. It all started there.

When the kids got sent home, and we were in a scramble… I became a teacher. A short tempered OMFG common core will NOT be learned here teacher. A do you behave like this at school or just here because it’s me lunatic. I don’t know how teachers do it, and I no longer believe the “they are so great in class” speech. I madam call bullshit. How do you deal with squirming little people who are just as lost as you are as to what the hell a zoom meeting is??!! The technology deprived children of dial up speed parents… it’s all to much isn’t it? When did the quality of my kids education depend on The quality of our internet speeds? March 2020. The end of days. The Hunger Games of our lifetime.

It’s really ridiculous isn’t it? That a mask and some morons from the government made us all bow like sheep and wear a mask 24/7.

The wind is howling outside and it reminds me of wolves. That primal, real part of ourselves laying in wait. Maybe it is the time of the rise of the gypsies, the rise of the wolves to live our life’s how they were always meant to be… free.

Free from whatever haunts you. Masks. Elearning. Our inner selves… our weakest links. And those 20+ pounds you’ve gained since this mess started…. or the 20 you’ve lost due to worry. The pendulum swings both directions… it’s up to you to decide which way is your RIGHT.

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