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The truth is…

The truth is while I am excited that Rooster and the oldest have been hunting. (And the oldest got a nice buck this year I might add.) I can’t stand hunting videos.

I’m having flashbacks of childhood past. My dad was a deer hunter how do you do… and a hunter of most other edibles too… but sweet Jesus the hunting videos….

When turkey season was near you would know it because my kid brother “Big A” had a call in his mouth 24/7. In the shower, on the drive to school, on the ride home from school, doing chores, whenever I was trying to study or read… OMG. These two would call to each other from across the house. I think that’s when my migraines started.

And the fall welcomed deer calls of all kinds.. bleats, grunts, huffs, and the edge of my sanity antler rattles. For the love of God it never ended. There was always some edible in season that required a call of sorts. It’s an art really. I understand the “practice” but in my you get days it drove me bat shit crazy.

I see now that history does repeat itself. Now thankfully Rooster and the oldest haven’t figured out Bug A and dad’s techniques… and I’m pretty sure that Rooster doesn’t read my blog. So maybe I am safe until their own genius strikes “hey, you know what would be cool”

Which translates to “you know what would really drive her batty?”

So here I sit blogging as the oldest watches someone else hunt coyotes…. and Rooster is slipping into a sleep coma as he worked 12 hours today… I’m almost ready fir bed myself as my head is aching from the damn bunny in distress calls. Clenching my teeth probably doesn’t help either.

“You didn’t even hear the gun” the oldest proclaimed.

Sigh… I see silencers in our future….

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