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Do all boys have Tourettes???!!

It is not uncommon to be at the store, driving down the road or sitting at home when all of a sudden one of the boys blurts out a random word. Exchanging confused looks Rooster and I are baffled and usually aggravated by the outburst.

What the same hell are we talking about? Is the look exchanged between us. It’s not once in a while.. it’s all the damn time. On random occasions as aforementioned.

The youngest has more of a tendency to laugh, or gasp loudly… no further explanation. The gasp scares me when I’m driving because I’m expecting a Mack truck to come plowing through my door or something, but no it’s usually a funny bumper sticker or he’s spotted a “Hillbilly flag”. For those unawares of the youngest’s high thought processes the flag to which he is referring is the Rebel flag.

The oldest usually blurts random car brands, colors, or something else equally annoying. “BMW” I’m looking around for some great looking BMW, but no it’s the hunk of shot at the light tearing open the ozone layer with a rusty knife belching black and blue exhaust with a vengeance.

It was suggested that we blurt “You’re adopted” on random, but alas we have been to befuddled to do so.

To make matters worse, and adding to the blood pressure spike; the oldest mumbles. Like his lips don’t even move mumbles, and to add to the excitement he’s quiet. When you say “what?” Or “huh?” You would think he’d increase his volume. Nope. Same muffled mumble of randomness.

I’m venting right now because I just took the boys to the store, and all my bitches have occurred on repeat and my blood pressure has not returned to it’s normal high state.

Sigh. It is five o’clock somewhere, right?

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