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In the midst of all the snow we’ve gotten the last week, it occurred to me that my screen time was considerably down. My personal screen time. Believe me I’ve had enough screen time this week with e-learning and work screen time that I wasn’t much in the mood for anymore “Screen time”.

This simple life of ours is sort of hindered right now with snow, and cold weather. The water heater for the chickens and ducks kept shorting out the GFI outlet causing the whole coop to go dead. Heat lamps and all. It was frustrating. But a new water heater bucket later we discovered that the old bucket’s cord had pulled away, and was essentially shorting out in the ground… where it to this day remains frozen.

The snow made the gate opening a hassle, and Rooster trying to shovel the gate door out, and get it open wound up creating another new project… we need a new gate. Rooster accidentally put his foot through the gate when he was trying to push it open with his foot. So, yet another item to add to the honey do list…

The duck, Sophia, has begun laying eggs again. Just this morning we enjoyed a dippy duck egg over hashbrowns. So delicious. Our last duck, Bonnie (may she rest in peace), had a deficiency of some sort that caused her eggs to be incredibly fishy, and believe me no amount of hot sauce was covering the smell or taste of those eggs. YUCK. I am beyond thankful that Sophia doesn’t have the same issue. I would have sworn off of duck eggs entirely.

The chickens even in this cold weather and snow are happy as clams with scrap from salads and the like, and keep laying eggs with the richest, orange yoke that we have come to love. The two Americanas don’t seem to be daily layers, and seem to be taking turns on a day to day basis as to who lays the green egg. The boys joke that they are having green eggs and ham quite often. LOL

Little farm hand and I spent the morning researching raising a pig. I figured it was good for him to find answers the “old school” way and handed him my homesteading handbook. He looked at me like “Can’t we just google it?” OMG kid. It’s a shame they don’t still teach the dewey decimal system. Instead they learn how to search the internet. “How would you know what to look up if you don’t have the internet available?” I asked. The puzzled look explained a lot to me. He had no clue. So we used the homesteading handbook, then the internet. Asking “which way was better?” I knew was dumb in the first place, younger generation is always going to lean on technology. I myself prefer the feel of paper pages between my cracked, dry, chapped fingers; and hearing the sound the paper makes as I turn the page. In my opinion it beats the clickity-clack of a google search hands down.

Other than snow, and fog on a 1 degree day, and the kids not going to school all week due to “wintry road conditions”… In Indiana… In the winter…. In the sticks… it’s been a pretty simple week. The usual headaches, the usual chores, the E-learning and basic household stuff all seem like routine. I’m ready for spring nonetheless. I miss being outside and not feeling like I’m freezing to death within 20 minutes.

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