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Furniture Shopping

Furniture shopping is worse than shopping for a new to you, used vehicle. We’ve been casually shopping for a new couch for let’s be honest, a ridiculous amount of time… let’s call it a year to be fair. To be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair.

I don’t know what bee got in my bonnet that we needed a new couch… maybe it’s the uncomfortable situation of me, two growing boys, and two needy dogs trying to be comfortable on this clearance special, three seater couch we have now. Rooster has his own free from a family friend perch that he occupies… Obviously nothing matches.

So, I took to the internet. Searching. Hunting for a good deal. Something comfy for everyone yes, including the dogs. I finally found something I thought that would work… So, this week Rooster and I went into the big city to sit on said internet find. I am not going to pay that much money for something that I can’t sit on, and make sure I like ahead of time.

That was when we met Sedina at Ashley Furniture in the big city. She was hilarious. She was flipping over the furniture like a weight lifter to show us the construction of the intended furniture. Sedina was entertaining to say the least, and after our meeting we felt like we had been to a comedy show LOL.

Whether it was our “simpleness” or her entertaining personality we were always smiling or laughing. We teased about going home and outlining the layout of the new furniture on the carpet with a sharpie. Pretty sure she took us seriously when she exclaimed “Oh please don’t do that!!” We got a laugh out of it. If you know us we’re never really very serious… unless it’s serious business… but furniture shopping is not serious so we can joke and laugh about it. When Sedina asked what we had now we described our “furniture” hodge podge free if not cheap furniture. I explained we were “minimalists” a glorified word to me for cheap and don’t like a lot of clutter. Her eyebrows raised at the word. However true, I guess people just think you are super poor when you have cheap or free stuff.

When you are looking to buy furniture, or anything for that matter that requires a good chunk of money; I think it’s important to enjoy the experience. We certainly did. Upon leaving the store we discussed all of our options on the drive home. Power recline, non power recline, oversized, or split console with cup holders, gray or brown, and where are we going to put it??? Yes, the living room, duh, but the how was a new dilema. Thankfully Sedina had a suggestion on how the layout should work and when we got home we started moving furniture, measuring floor space, moving end tables… trying to decide if we would even like it.

If you know me, you know that it takes me a minute to commit to something this big.

Saturday I kept texting Sedina trying to work out a good price. Trying to price match another store, changing our selections of power and non power, and FINALLY came to an agreement. When I say agreement I guess that I really mean something that didn’t make me cringe, and made me feel like I got a good deal. So, by Saturday night we have a couch and loveseat on order that we will be able to sit on in one to four months.

Upon signing the purchase order and nonsense agreements Sedina said that she was so excited for us. I told her that she should be knowing what we were currently sitting on. Since we are now like old friends she text “It can’t be that bad, shoot me a pic”. So I did. Her response was delayed; probably trying to figure out the polite way to say “minimalist huh?”. Instead I got “I don’t even know how to respond.” littered with bulging eyed emojis. Followed by “You’ll be so happy with your new furniture!!” I took it as “Can I be apart of the bonfire of the old furniture”. Sure Sedina, bring your farm boy husband on over we’ll crack open some beers, and burn some hideous furniture. Wouldn’t that be a great story to tell your other clients? LOL

So, in short, we are getting a new living room set. And I’m going to impatiently wait one to four months for it to arrive.

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