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Dreaming bigger

The other night Rooster surprised me by saying “I want to move. We need more property. I want more critters.”

I was a little shocked but not surprised. Shocked because after moving several times in our first year together we swore off the idea of moving ever again.

Not surprised. We’d love more land, more critters, more possibilities. In the grand scheme of things is t that what we all want? Possibilities?

For a brief second I was indeed panicked as to how soon the move may come, but I, the ever planner, have devised a three year plan. I stayed up way too late on Sunday night fretting about the details of how to get us to the bigger possibilities…. Monday I was still laying in bed worried about the possibility of possibilities. Now, sweet Jesus, I better sleep well tonight.

The plan includes paying down the house. Which at time of sale would give us more cash in our pocket, which would allow us to borrow the balance to still have a comfortable payment.

So if anyone knows of a place with say 5-ish acres, that they may sell in three years… keep us in mind.

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