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Greener Pastures

The topic was brought up the other day of moving… to greener pastures. Somewhere we can have cows, pigs, chickens, and whatever Rooster’s heart desires. It got me thinking immediately, of course, the where, the when, the how.

This week we have ordered new interior doors for the house, the aforementioned couch and loveseat, and a new desk for my home office. Rooster and the little chics were busy this weekend installing recessed lighting in the living room, and they look great! No more stupid floor lamps, or table lamps, or any other form of light source we could come up with. It definitely looks more “modern” and a lot brighter. Now we are discussing putting in a gas fireplace in the living room too… Adding to the selling wow factors I guess.

The where… I would ideally like to live closer to my parents… who are ten minutes north of us. Real estate though is ridiculous everywhere, but it’s not to horrible for an older house and five acres. The five year plan is afoot. Which I hope to make a three year plan…

On other news, Sophia, the duck has begun laying eggs again. Thank goodness she doesn’t have a weird deficiency like Bonnie had… These eggs are delicious!!

The simple life continues

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