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Fox in socks…

It’s not a great picture, but there’s been a night time prowler at my parent’s place. While a beautiful animal, and entertaining to say the least a fox may not be the best company out here.

The hen house is maybe under a hundred yards away from this porch, and believe me my mother cares more about those chickens than my dad. She’d be super pissed if a chicken winds up dead. Beneath the fox is a little family of bunnies; which have inhabited the deck since I can remember. Now I understand a thousand bunnies have probably inhabited that porch over all these years, but to me it’s one hoppy family. (LOL typo intensional)

This week is Dr. Seuss birthday week… so I thought it ironic that a fox showed up. Fox in socks was my favorite book to read to the youngest son. He’d laugh hysterically at my exaggerated gasps for air when the long run would come up. I’d inhale until my lungs might burst, then read fox in fox until I ran out of breath and was wheezing.(all for dramatic entertainment)

It didn’t matter that I didn’t really care for the book it was the fact that it brought him joy.

Followed shortly thereafter by Green eggs and ham. Noooooooooooooo

Back to the matter of the fox… for now it’ll continue to be entertaining to watch. Dad loves critters especially curious critters that come near the house. Heaven forbid if we lived in bear or moose country. The man would be happier than a pig in $hit.

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