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Here piggy piggy

So in our efforts to become more sustainable we are going to get a pig this spring. I’m worried that Francis won’t want to butcher his “pet”… and we’ll have a 300 pound+ 30 year old pet pig…. rather than the tons of bacon, sausage, brats, etc that we’ve come to know and love!!

The oldest has begun thinking of clever names for said pig. Sir Oinkers, bacon bit, link, pork chop, bbq, Spike to name a few. I myself see it as a bad sign naming a critter you intend to eat one day. Naming a thing creates a bond, and requires a lot of thought. Such is the case with naming your children… you won’t name your kid after that horrible bully from third grade, or after your significant’s ex, or the guy that ran over your dog Noodle when you were ten… you see what I’m saying? Naming associates a lot of things into one tiny package.

In the end though I’ll keep my ideas to myself, and let the kids be kids and name their new found pet. Even if it’s ridiculous and food related.

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