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A Simple Days Night

So, you’ve been to work all day, got groceries, ran to Home Depot for supplies, and did some chorin’… theeeeeen you start with the task of moving all the furniture in the house to other locations for the task at hand. You lay underlayment for the future new floor, and say good riddance to the ugly linoleum.

Upon realizing you are past starving, you take a break to whip up a quick dinner. Steak taco bowls. Eating standing up in the kitchen because your dining room table and chairs are buried behind the couch and every piece of the living room…

Finally it’s eleven o’clock, you shower and just sit down on the one chair you’ve unearthed to relax in before calling it a night when there’s a knock at the door.

“Do you have your neighbor’s number? Their ponies are out.”

Rooster puts on some boots and a coat to go wrangle some ponies…

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