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Worry, worry some more

This weekend since we have Friday off for the holiday we are going to start installing hardwood flooring. Correction that sounds speedy… it’s waterproof laminate flooring.

The 27 boxes of flooring have been holding down the dining room in solidarity for what seems like months now. The rolls of underlayment padding tower above in bags of rolled chaos. The random bag of furniture foot protector thingies mocks me because I can’t think of their name; as do the strips of the stuff so you don’t stub your toe when going to the next room… what can I say I’m not foot at names.

Originally we were going to have a contractor install the flooring, but after Rooster reminded me how frustrated I was already with them, and that he’d have canceled by now… I did. I canceled the bloody contractor.

So now rather than having a company to blame if there are any issues… we’ll only have ourselves to blame and that’s where the worry starts.

WE together have never laid laminate floor. Rooster made an attempt years ago, and it apparently failed so miserably that he called someone else. Now I don’t know how much this story is exaggerated but my husband is cheap. And for him to pay someone to do something… it must have been awful.

So going in there’s already a mountain or worry, but I’m confident that with enough adult beverages we’ll get it figured out. LOL

Look for updates to come… probably titled “so there we was”

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