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Another weekend gone

It’s crazy how a weekend seems so short when you’re working through it all…

Saturday Roster and oldest tried their hand at turkey hunting. So such luck on bagging one this weekend. Mushroom hunters may be to blame, but they still had quality time together in the rain.

While they played Elmer Fudd youngest and I had a “date” we went to a local music store and had lunch after. We were originally scouting out karate places, but they were all closed. Then we came home and made a butt load of pierogies…

Whole wheat pierogies

Sunday I made egg bites to get rid of four dozen eggs… some for the boys (boring egg and sausage, and egg and bacon). For Rooster and I we have onion, jalapeño and mushroom, hash brown egg bites. I’m trying to add more veggies to everyone’s meals… that way when the garden is in full swing it won’t go to waste, but with chickens, ducks, and an impending pig I doubt that will be an issue this year.

I forgot before the egg bites I worked for a few hours finishing up a genealogy project for a client. whew! One more to go!

After egg bites it was time to make supper. I threw sweet potatoes and potatoes into the marvelous machine known as the instant pot. Let me tell you, if you don’t have one… get one! It makes life in the kitchen sooooo much easier. Potatoes done in 20 minutes! Seriously. GET ONE! Anyways, I made a basalmic honey, garlic and onion with rosemary marinade and popped the pork tenderloin into the oven.

Meanwhile Rooster and oldest were busy constructing a pig house out of youngest’s old bunk bed. Use what you’ve got, right? I’ll post pictures soon… it does look really cute.

After supper it was getting the boys showered and off to bed, then shower and to bed ourselves. Where did the weekend go? It seems to disappear before your eyes when you’re busting your butt…

Alas, the cold weather seems to have broken and left. Today it’s supposed to be in the lower 70s. Makes me want to get started on the garden, but I worry about another cold snap. The carrots and garlic seem to be fairing well… so ready to be in the garden all weekend and not trapped in the house.

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