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The truth about duck eggs

Some people that I have talked to turn up their noses at duck eggs. “They’re wild”, “They’re gamey” are the responses I hear. If you could nominate the most incredible edible egg it’d be the duck egg in my opinion.

Not only are they larger, but they seem to take on a more creamy texture than traditional chicken eggs. I’m a huge fan of over easy eggs, and these are the best.

They are user friendly they bake well, scramble well, and make awesome noodles and dog treats. Every night the fur children require an egg over their meal, or else they won’t eat. Spoiled I know.

The only issue that I have with duck eggs are their shell. I have to hit them four times on the side of the pan to crack them open.

So if you are looking for an alternative to chicken eggs… spice up your egg eating life with duck eggs!

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