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When it comes to the garden I’m typically superstitious… potatoes need to be planted on Saint Paddy’s day with a healthy taste to pacify Mother Nature. Nothing else gets planted until Mother’s Day weekend to celebrate Mother Earth.

I say typically but don’t include this year. Typically I’d be chomping at the bit, but patiently awaiting Mother’s Day. This year cabin fever was pretty bad after Covid nonsense… so loofa gourds, green beans, carrots are in the ground along with zinnia and a nice hummingbird and butterfly mix. Oh, and the garlic I planted in the fall, but that one doesn’t count in my opinion.

Typically I have a Willy nilly garden planting method with if it fits it’ll grow. This year I am trying companion planting… we shall see how that boosts production and flavor. Everything I’ve read suggests companion planting boosts everything from flavor to bug fighting to production.

As things come in I’ll post pictures to see how it’s going.

For now it’s typically bed time. Oldest is watching tv too loud, rooster just went to bed and I’m soon to follow. Youngest was in bed by 815 after we read a chapter in one of his new books.

So good night world, I’m off to dream of the bumper crop garden! Wishes to you for the same weedless dreams.

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