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A weekend planting, is a weekend planting

So to date, the garden is 89.9% planted, unless I make another run to the local garden store… Sunday I did behave and only bought flowers for the miscellaneous pots, and did get some herbs and a pack of cantaloupe. I didn’t buy anymore tomato plants although it is always my yearly mishap to buy more, and more, and more. This year with companion planting I am hoping to keep my tomato addiction under control. Time will tell.

This weekend Rooster helped me mulch the corn, cucumbers, watermelons with pine shavings that I picked up from the local co-op. We also added marigolds to that section among the mammoth sunflower seeds we planted. The pine shavings are a cheap way to mulch the garden to cut down on weeds, and to keep the plants moist when they need it most. I had bought two bales of shavings from the co-op and it covered the corn patch quite nicely.

We also got the poblano, and jalapeno peppers, amish paste and health kick tomatoes nestled in nicely between two rows of basil. The garden smells amazing already!! Tomorrow the plan after work is to buy maybe eight more bales of pine shavings to cover everything… well, minus the lettuce that I still need to plant along with the Cherokee Trail of Tears black beans. Those beans are my absolute favorite!!! I looooove black beans. They are a nice substitute for red meat for me, and I don’t mind one bit!

The garlic is coming along nicely, and I cannot wait to get that fragrant deliciousness into some meals. The boys will tell you everything I cook has two key ingredients… white onions and garlic. They are my staple items for everything, literally. The cajuns have their celery, onions, peppers or was it celery, onions and carrots? Either way the French have it, the Cajuns have it… it’s their trifecta of ingredients. So, I have my two. What does that make them? The boys say a double threat for their breath, but alas they don’t complain about the taste.

Carrots have started to appear, and I couldn’t be more tickled! I’ve never tried carrots before so this is the first year… Rainbow carrots (A variety of colors) and Dante carrots. Figured I would mix it up a little bit. Why not.

Still waiting on the louffa gourds to make an appearance. I really hope they show up soon. It was either last year, or the year before that I tried planting them, and utterly failed. They didn’t even sprout. Now that I think about it I probably should check their status when I return home. (Currently waiting on youngest to finish his guitar lesson)

The butterfly and hummingbird mix is starting to sprout. We also planted some zinnias in the mix so I could have some fresh cut flowers for the table from time to time. I love fresh flowers. Tulips are my favorite, but they only last such a short time.

Rooster helped me make an herb tower this weekend. I’ll have to add pictures. We used old galvanized buckets, a bit of rebar, and zippie ties. I had used this tower in previous years to make a flower tower in the front of the house, but see it more fitting to make it into a herb tower to conserve precious space in the garden.

Impatiently waiting on the potatoes as well…. Why does it always take so long to get to the utter goodness of a fresh garden supply. I am so impatient to have the seedlings popping up out of the ground, but then when harvest season comes it seems like I am a crazy woman canning and freezing everything I can. *Sigh* The simple joys of a simple life.

So to sum up the weekend… a weekend spent planting is a weekend spent planting. The rewards will be reaped soon enough as this year has seemed to fly by… it’s already the middle of May!! a day in the simple life.

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