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Weekend Adventures Featuring Josh and the Raccoon…

The weekend started like most others the boys were playing in the yard, I was watering the garden, and Rooster was doing odds and ends in the yard. When Rooster stepped inside shortly here came Josh in his car. He looked panicked, “Where’s Nick?”. He just stepped inside he’ll be right out. At this point I was a little worried that something was wrong.

When Rooster came outside we learned what was going on from Josh. There was a raccoon in his garage, and it would not leave. After a brief discussion of the hows, the whys, and the what are we going to do to it Rooster loaded into the SUV, and rode off into the fading sunset with Josh.

The boys and I waited patiently, but started laughing hysterically when we could hear a leaf blower in the distance. We knew all too well what was going on. They were trying to force the raccoon out of it’s hiding spot using the leaf blower as motivation. We were later filled in by Rooster that the leaf blower only aggravated the raccoon even more.

A truck came down the road, and pulled into Josh’s drive. Ahhhh reinforcements. Josh’s father-in-law. Armed with a .22 lever action rifle. Oh Lord, I thought, someone is going to not only need a round of rabies shots, but a bullet wound patched up as well. (Have I mentioned that I worry a lot?)

A little while later I got a text from Rooster to send the boys down. Oldest took off down the road with youngest on his heels yelling “Wait for me!” It was quite the sight.

Josh was nice enough to bring all my boys home with no need for rabies shots, or battle wounds on the side by side. Which I am sure was an extra treat for all of them. Once home the boys recapped the tale of Josh and the raccoon. Apparently a company had brought out traps that didn’t work on Tuesday when the critter appeared in the rafters of the garage. With a three hundred dollar price tag to catch the critter! I don’t know how that works out when your father-in-law and neighbor kill said critter if you still have to pay a fee. Anyways, I am getting ahead of myself.

When father-in-law showed up they had chased the raccoon back into the soffit with the leaf blower, and once it showed his face… well, you guessed it. Said father-in-law shot the raccoon, but not well enough. Upon the second emergence of the raccoon it received a shot between the eyes, and the deal was done. We learned something new about our neighbor; he’s never shot a gun before. I don’t know the details, but I am curious. Every red blooded American should own and know how to shoot a gun. (Just my opinion)

Upon the death of the furry critter Rooster was called upon to get said dead critter out of the soffit. We also learned that Josh also really doesn’t care to retrieve critters out of soffits. LOL.

In comparison the rest of the weekend might have been a little bland. We went fishing with my dad, and Rooster did great this time backing the boat into the water! All of us worked in the yard, building a great new chicken gate, and getting the garden finished up.

Remember my impatience over the corn? It sprouted! WooHoo! Now I am just impatiently waiting for the louffa gourds to make an appearance! Gardening is for patient people, but I do find it relaxing when I can plant, and harvest everything myself. The help of others seems to be stressful to me, and honestly it takes a little of the passion out of it. (Have I mentioned that I am a control freak?) When youngest was planting those rows of corn I thought I would lose my mind. The row wasn’t straight, the seeds weren’t deep enough, but ignoring the tightness in my chest I let him carry on. It was either it was going to grow or is wasn’t. The yearly crap shoot just in different hands. The boys really should learn how to garden for themselves because they will need the experience for when they get older and out on their own.

Sunday Rooster and Oldest went fishing in a pond up the road, and I worked on making breakfast for the week. I made egg bites, breakfast burritos, and cleaned the house. Did I get everything done I wanted to? No. I never do. All in all it was a productive weekend though. Once Oldest and Rooster returned from fishing I had Rooster cut up a pallet for me to make a herb planter. I put mint, tarragon, and Oregano in the one planter, and planted basil in the other. My ambition is to have enough basil plants to make pesto. We love pesto.

Waking up to face Monday morning was a little rough… We both had tossed and turned all night, and morning seemed to come too soon. Making it through a super long work day was trying, but we made it. Now I am sitting here blogging while youngest has guitar lessons, and Rooster is in the big city with Oldest for Football camp. We’re off to the homestead to get supper ready, and water the garden along with the flowers. Talk soon, and remember to live a simple life.

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