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Everyone has a grand dream, or idea of what they would like to achieve. Some want their own business, and not be tied to the nine to five of everyday life. I imagine even some people want that fast paced job in the big city, and live surrounded by the chaos and constant noise. As I sit here sipping a lovely large Lavender Vanilla Chai I can tell you that my heart does not belong in the city, suburb, or crowds. My heart always wanders to the wild blue yonder… the country. I cannot not picture a life anywhere else, and though I’ve tried I was not content living in town for even six months!

So, I’ve titled this blog IDEALLY. I’m going to lay out to words what I ideally want from myself in say the next five years. What I want for our family, and what I see the big picture looking like.

Ideally we would sell our half an acre lot and small home, and find say five to seven acres. I’m not limiting us from anything bigger I just know what anything bigger costs these days. I picture a cute little farm house, maybe a two story, surrounded by little red barns and corn cribs. This is the place I dream of… sitting with Rooster on the porch after an evening of choring is done. Surrounded by sounds of chickens, cows, goats, ducks and maybe some sheep. Five to seven acres seems feasible, obtainable, and all the same a dream sometimes.

On this new property I’d like to homestead. What I mean by that is we raise and grow almost everything we need to sustain our family of four, and still have some to sell. I see a little “shed” we use for the “market”. In the market we would sell eggs, and meats; homemade remedies I would make, canned goods, and surplus fruit and veg. From this market IDEALLY we would make enough money to be able to quit the seven to three jobs that we currently have, and live a simple but comfortable life. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the American rural dream.

I’d IDEALLY like to raise cows, chickens, goats, ducks, pheasants, rabbits on this future ideal land, but for now… I’ll work with what we’ve got.

Where we are now I can see getting a good footing on this dream… I can currently sell duck eggs, surplus chicken eggs, and produce at local farmer’s markets. I’m looking into expanding into selling homemade remedies that are either grown by me, or are locally sourced. I can sell canned goods that I’ve made from apple butter to canned jalapenos. I also want to get into some merchandise… coffee mugs, tea towels, and the like.

All of this obtainable. All of this is possible. With just one little hitch. Me. I find it hard enough these days to work the seven to three, do chores, make supper, and have a moment of rest; and that’s on me. I need to push myself harder to accomplish this ideal dream. So, my goal for myself is to work hard, push the limits, and make this dream happen.

I’ve talked myself out of raising pheasants like three times this year already. I think it’s time to talk myself back into it. Not only are pheasants another source of food for the family, it could also be a source of income.

In the early fall I plan to plant some apple trees, blueberries, and goji berries along the property line. These plants will support not only our meals, but can be turned into sell able products as well. From apple sauce to blueberry jelly, and goji berry supplements.

I have my name on a list to obtain twelve cornish cross chickens this week (freezer bound), and hope to have a complete rotation plan for growing and butchering. These chickens will fill the freezer quickly, and if there’s surplus I could sell them as well.

I just started considering raising rabbits. This was only once I saw the price of rabbit meat at the local butcher. I saw dollar signs. Keep in mind that I am not a greedy person I am just driven to see the ideal dream take shape.

There are so many possibilities, and I plan to hone my skills now where we are, and in five years by the time we can get to our ideal dream land I’ll have it figured out. We will be a well oiled machine by then. So for now it’s more of the homesteading practices, coupons, and money saving ideas.

Have any of you had the same dream that I do? Or am I the only forty year old with this description of IDEALLY? I’d love to hear from people that are like minded. Please feel free to comment or message me! I’d love to get ideas on how to get this blog off the ground as well as our youtube channel.

Remember no matter what your ideal dream is… live a simple life!

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