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A Simple Supper

Every weeks menu is carefully planned on Thursday. It’s the best day to evaluate what is still left as far as vegetables and other odds and ends in the kitchen.

We try very hard to not repeat meals from week to week, and try at least one new meal every few weeks. We try to use as much of the pork that we have from last falls hog, but also incorporate sustainably raised fish, and chicken. Soon it will be our own chicken we will be eating and it’s an exciting time.

The other night we made chicken Parmesan meatballs with homemade sauce made from last summer’s tomato haul. Pierogies and a simple salad from the garden.

Chicken meatballs cooked in cast iron at 400 degrees in the oven.
Homemade sauce made from Grandma Ottie’s recipe minus the cigarette ashes and red wine
A simple salad with lettuce from the garden, broccoli, cucumber, green onion, nastrium for visual effect and a nice peppery flavor.

It was an easy meal to whip up with youngest helping. He took care of the salad, and assisted with the meatball making. When my hands were a sticky mess from incorporating the egg, parsley and bread crumbs to the ground chicken he was able to add more bread crumbs when needed. He’s a big help in the kitchen and at nine is now capable of handling a knife.

The sauce is one jar of Roma tomatoes, two cans of tomato paste, fresh basil, dill, Italian seasoning, oregano, and a fistful of garlic cloves. Simmered on the stovetop, and blended with a handheld immersion blender I love this sauce! It brings back memories of Grandma Ottie’s cooking lessons when I was young. To my knowledge no one else was taught this recipe. This little Polish lady sure could make some sauce! It’s herby, and garlicky and tomatoey an explosion of flavor to say the least!

So, when the week stresses you out and you need to unwind keep it simple with a simple meal. There’s no shame in spaghetti dinner!

Breathe, and remember to live a simple life.

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