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Just Shootin’ Cans

Just a boy in the heat of the day shooting cans with a sling shot. How simple is this? There’s nothing wrong with it, he’s not harming the masses, he’s quite simply being a boy.

In the day and age of video games, and technology of all kinds being shoved down kids throats it pleased me that he asked to shoot cans with his sling shot. Our fathers and grandfathers grew up doing the like and look what great men they are.

I may idolize my father because I am his daughter but any many men are made like him anymore. I blame not shooting cans in the heat of a July night.

How many times to we push electrical devices at our kids when we don’t want to “deal” with their boredom? Many a child has been sat in a bouncy seat in front of Barney, Teletubbies, or Bob the Builder.

Back in the day we were sent outside to fend off our boredom. Ride your bike, go find bugs whatever just get out of my hair. My childhood was spent exploring the woods, and the creek behind the house. Add in the equation of my younger brother and needless to say it was never boring. My brother was very and is very accident prone.

Christmas Day circa 1980 something he got a Bug Foot RC truck… needless to say I watched it tumble down a revine Christmas Day in a fiery blaze of glory. End over end down the revine… and Big Foot was no more.

Ah, boy stuff.

Kids need to be kids, and not the sissy version of 2000s, 2010s or 2020s…

They need to shoot cans in the heat of a July night…. and live a simple life.

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