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Grow Where You’re Planted

There stands a tree that held some steps where young boys climbed and played. The steps led to a rope that held them up. The rope led to a swing that gave them smiles and laughter. The summer days were spent in and around this tree; climbing, laughing and learning. They pushed themselves higher, and reached for the sky. Urged to go higher by the other.

There stands a tree that gave a bird a home. The bird built her nest in the crook of this tree. Carefully constructing a nest piece by piece, trip after trip, and layer after layer. In this delicate nest laid a single blue egg that the tree held tenderly and protectively. One day the egg hatched and brought new life in the tree. He waited patiently for momma’s feedings in the comfort of the nest; in the crook of the tree. One day before he could fly a storm came that the tree couldn’t protect him from, and rain washed him away.

There stands a tree, with a crook, and a now empty nest. That for a while it held a sick bat that had landed near, and one day found the comfort of the nest to take a final rest.

There stands a tree, with a crook, an empty nest, and now something more. A sight unseen before. A little green sprout started peaking out, and soon it grew a few green leaves. Now growing so proudly in the tree, in the nest, in the crook of the tree grows new life and beauty. A sunflower, so proud and growing tall proclaiming loudly “Grow where you’re planted, that’s where you’re meant to be.

If you’re that tree and think about your life you’ll see… if we hold others up, give them comfort, a safe place and support the others they will learn and climb to where they’re meant to be.

If we think of the tree and that little bird… we remember the joy of birth and life, and the sorrow in death. If we hold others when they need it, and celebrate their victories, and share in their losses we become stronger for them and ourselves.

When we think of this new sprout in the crook of the tree we realize life is never empty. No matter the trial before, the loss, or the changes we didn’t control; there’s always something next. There’s always a tree waiting to hold you up, to support and comfort you, to show you amazing things. To show you how to be human so simply.

The tree is your friend you fight with, but always return to. The tree is your dad who guides and protects you. The tree is your spouse who holds you tight, and lifts you up. The tree is your sibling who taught you not to fall, but hold on and you’ll make it there. The tree is all of us together.

Living a simple life also means to think simply. So remember… live a simple life and keep climbing higher.

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