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Too much thinking…

I just read an article about growing barley.., now as the garden is winding down I’m considering growing barley. My thought is it could be feed for the chickens and pigs. I have no interest at the moment of home brewing beer… although. No feed would be better I’m sure. Beer brewing sounds like more stress.

We’re talking about goats again. I’m thinking more about breeding pigs and selling them. Goats would just be another meat source. At that trying to find a place local that sells goat meat is impossible. I can find lamb at most places, and am wondering if they’re close enough in flavor to settle my mind.

Next year I’ll be taking over what is now the pig pen for a larger garden. We’re going to build a large pen in the side yard. Hence the talk of goats, and pigs. My plan for next year is two runs of meat birds in early spring and another in July. Which is why we’re also building a separate meat bird run and coop.

Pheasants. To raise or not to raise… I just don’t know. It’d be another source of meat, and potential to sell the birds for put and takes… I need to research the average selling price for pheasants to decide. I’ve been on the fence for two years now.

Suddenly I’m struck with the thought that I didn’t grow enough tomatoes this year… it’s time to stop thinking.

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