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Poison whatever this is…

So apparently in my garden of solitude and food lies an unseen weed of evil. We’ve googled all of the varieties of poison weeds but haven’t identified where it is hiding.

It began innocently enough, an itchy bump on my leg just below my knee. I assumed it was a bug bite from the blood sucking flies out there.

Then noticed a patch on my inner thigh.

Then behind my ear!!!!! What the heck did I get into!!!!! I’m honesty considering an end of season fireball to rid me of this weed. My luck it’d get in my lungs or something.

So besides poison ivy, sumac and oak is there another weed of itch and destruction??!!!

Does anyone have ideas for soothing this nastiness? I’ve tried anti itch cream, sprays, and even alcohol. It’s just disgusting.

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