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On a back roads drive…

Today on this hot and humid Sunday I went out to explore the countryside, and I think I found it…

Nestled between fields or corn, the sun and overgrown grass… this may be the dump I’ve been dreaming of. Seven acres and this abandoned beauty.

I pictured the apple and peach orchard, the garden, the chickens and ducks running a muck, the pigs, the cows, and yes even the horse running wildly through the meadow.

I pictured a stately barn to house said critters, and a few more. The dogs were bathing in the sun, and there was a few more in my vision. I saw the boys riding four wheelers or dirt bikes around the countryside.

I pictured Rooster in bib overalls and myself in a flowing sundress drinking sweet tea on the porch simply watching the world spin.

Ah, it was quite a sight.

It may not be the house of our dreams as it is currently occupied by a family of raccoons, but a little sweat from the brow would solve all its issues. What draws me to yellow houses? My vision turned this into a White House with green shutters. A porch out front, and a large pasture to the side…. Perhaps I dream too much.

But perhaps maybe it’s good to day dream and live a simple life…

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