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The Last of the Summer Wine

This year as summer wound down, and fall began to creep in we had an unwelcome egg thief. Which caused me to lose my mind, and rip out the remains of the garden.

As I began ripping out the last of the tomatoes and peppers I began to find little hoards of food in the nasturtium. Piles of cherry tomatoes, beans, and corn. Our eggs were disappearing at an alarming rate, and I was grossed out by the suspect. A rat.

I didn’t want a rat eating on our food supply, and getting us sick so I destroyed it all. I set traps. I got one. I moved the ducks over to the garden side to eat up whatever was left of the garden and they did an amazing job.

It’s disturbing when these beasts move onto the farm, and I want them gone. We thought we had gotten rid of the problem, but alas there is evidence to prove us wrong. Holes under the coop, and into the run and garden. DAMN IT!

We’ve done our best to put up water at night, only feed in the morning and clean up what’s leftover, gather eggs daily, and keep everything cleaned up. This week we mowed down the butterfly garden to keep from having another place for them to hide food.

To me it’s heartbreaking that the garden got taken out early, and the butterfly garden mowed. I love my gardens and all that they provide for our family.

Currently traps are set but these bastards are smart and avoid them. We tried live traps when we thought it might be a mink, but this beast dug under the live trap and pulled the nail out of the bottom. If it weren’t for the dogs I’d set out poison and hope this bastard beast dies a miserable death, and all of his family too.

Maybe I’m overreacting but these beasts are destructive and disgusting. Any suggestions on how to eradicate these beasts would be greatly appreciated.

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