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The pressure is on as deer rifle season is coming to a close. The freezer is in desperate need of more venison. The only thing left is probably 8 pounds from the doe oldest got during youth weekend.

That being said I am headed out to the woods tomorrow for an evening hunt. My license allows me either three does, or two does and one buck. At this point I don’t even care as long as it doesn’t have spots.

I’m not desperate but I feel the pressure to help fill the freezer. This is only the second year I’m out to help, but to be fair this is the second year any of us have been out to fill the freezer.

With the pressure to fill the freezer I feel like it’s an even bigger pressure to find land of our own. Currently we rely on public land, and I on my dad’s private land. Dads land I feel guilty for hunting because my brother and nephew also hunt there, but this being the first year hunting on my own I feel better knowing my dad is a stone throws away.

Wish us all luck tomorrow… oldest and rooster are doing a 12 hour shift while I only plan on a three hour shift as youngest doesn’t seem too willing to sit out for a deer. So win win he spends time with memaw and papaw and I search for meat for the freezer.

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