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The craziness we call life

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything of matter… it’s been the craziness we call life. Rooster and Oldest have been hunting and got a doe Sunday night. Currently they are skinning her in the garage.

I’ve been trying to take time to get out into the woods as well, and be a factor of sourcing venison for the family as well. Along with working overtime Rooster and I are just, well busy.

The last couple of days I’m baffled that the year is already almost gone. Wasn’t it just Spring, and I was happily planning the garden? The garden is done, and days are now filled with feeding rabbits, chickens, ducks and the family. All while trying to manage sanity in the brink of the holiday season.

I saw a post the other day that said something along the lines of “as an adult I now realize that the magic of Christmas as a child was actually a mother who cared so damn much”. How true is that!?

Rather than getting the kids the biggest and hottest toy of the year we favor getting them something that encourages spending time together. I will admit one year we did get them a Nintendo switch and I can say it was money well spent. We played Mario cart as a family and the boys all laughed at how bad I am at these games. In the end it created memories and laughter so it was not only a gift for them, but a gift to us.

Every year I get the boys and Rooster a special Christmas ornament that reflects something special from their year. Whether it’s sports, a new interest, or an adventure I somehow find the perfect one. They don’t really go crazy over them, but when they are older and hanging that ornament on their tree it’ll spark a memory. That is the purpose, and the reason for the season.

Since we are a split family we don’t always get to enjoy waking up together on Christmas morning. It sucks, but we work around it. On the last day that we are all together before Christmas we give the boys silly pajamas, a silly board game, and snacks. We get in our Christmas Jammies and play the silly games and eat snacks which is usually followed by a Christmas movie. These are the nights I treasure. Our little family laughing together, and in those moments the arguments over toothpaste in the sink, milk left out to sour, and other piddly thinks are forgotten. In those moments we are together, happy, healthy, and enjoying each others company.

As a child I was blessed with an uncle who held the key to the magic of Christmas. Sadly after his passing everyone felt the magic die along with him. “Unc” is an inspiration to me and how I want our boys to enjoy Christmas. As the boys get older it saddens me that more and more they loose the magic. Although the magic may fade they do enjoy spreading holiday cheer.

Our holiday cheer began on Christmas Eve when we moved out to the sticks. We made a ridiculous amount of cookies, put them in pretty tins, and delivered them to neighbors unseen. The first year it was Rooster and myself as the boys weren’t home. I remember I was wearing those silly reindeer antlers that make your head hurt and a truly hideous Christmas sweater… Rooster would pull up the drive, and I dashed out rang the bell and ran back to the car. Met all the neighborhood dogs that night.

I believe it was last year that both of the boys were home on Christmas Eve and they were the ones running to the door wearing elf hats, and giggling the whole time. Another memory for when they’re old, hey remember that time mom made us run to the door with cookies and those stupid elf hats? Remember that HUGE German Shepherd??!!

That is what we all remember about the holidays. The laughter we shared. In some cases the tears shed; so I can explain that last part. One year, I was probably 12, my mother told my family that I love cats. Truth be known I loathe cats, and I’m allergic to them. So Christmas Eve rolls around and we are at the family Christmas gathering. Everyone is exchanging gifts and it comes time to open mine from Grandpa…

It was the most god awful ugly Christmas sweater covered in cats. Keep in mind this is circa 1990-something and Christmas sweaters hadn’t really become a thing yet. I of course said thank you, but at home my dad draped the sweater over me and took my picture. We all laughed but I eventually cried.

Our Christmases aren’t exactly the tales that The Christmas Story we’re made of, but they are out stories and they are treasured just the same.

So remember when life hands you an ugly sweater covered in cats… live a simple life and laugh until you cry.

Happy Holiday Season from everyone here at A Simple Farm and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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