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This time of year I get so excited and drive myself crazy with ideas. When the garden is done and the cold frame is slowly growing greens my mind begins to race.

You may think it’s with thoughts of gifts, schedules, gatherings and other day to day nonsense; but alas it is not. Granted my squirrel moments did start with gift ideas for family of fresh eggs, bread, and meats but officially the whirlwind came with…

The first of many seed catalogs!

What to plant, when, where and how gets me excited! As you may remember we are looking to move to a bigger farm setting and that fact changes a lot of my planting plans.

I am in luck that my parents have land and no intention of going anywhere any time soon. So the garlic got planted over there this year. I simply couldn’t risk leaving garlic behind and have the new owners let it go to waste!!!

Yesterday after listening to an “Old Fashioned on Purpose” podcast I got in a panic to order seeds for next year. Merry Christmas to me Burpees had a sale going!

The podcast also rekindled many ideas for me that I want to put into motion at the next farm. SEED SAVING! Most years I will select a little batch of seeds to save, put them away for next year only to be lost or forgotten. Ah the joys of being a scatter brain.

Today my mind is racing with dreams of the next place and what I’ll be able to do there… sell goat milk soap, goat milk, eggs, meats, candles, spices and so much more. I intend on actually being able to have a storefront and workshop at the next farm. How wonderful would it be to make homemade meads, jams and jellies, pies, bread and more for a new community!!?

My heart is pretty set on being the lady everyone goes to for fresh veg, and homemade items. What a wonderful life!

Well until I have news of our new location, and ideas to share I’ll be over here making lists and pouring over seed catalogs.

Have a great weekend!

Remember when life sends you seed catalogs and big dreams… always remember to live a simple life.

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