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I miss it…

It seems like forever already that I was picking fresh green beans, lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. I miss it so much already. Can I make it to spring??!!

Add in another addition we hope to be moving next year so all of my garden plans have blown up. Sadly I still haven’t gotten garlic planted anywhere because I don’t want to leave behind beautiful pounds of garlic that the next owner may not appreciate or let go to waste.

I had intended on planting the garlic at my dad’s but every time I get a chance it rains! So I have a box of unplanted garlic that may go to waste anyways.

I ordered my 2022 seeds already for fear of another wave of pandemic sweeping through and ruining my plans of a garden all together. So the green beans, pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuces, radishes, and the like are on order. It’ll be like Christmas all over again because I don’t 100% remember everything I ordered.

I blame the coupon code and excitement of “add to cart” syndrome. I do remember there are louffa seeds in there. Round 4 maybe 6 or trying to grow these damn things. Maybe the next property will be bountiful and I can have my little vegetable storefront out of the barn.

Big dreams in a small town.

I dream of offering our spices, canned vegetables and fresh veg and in the fall pumpkins from the farm shop. How great would that be? I’m dreaming of making this my early retirement plan or at least the goal of our homesteading plan. With fresh eggs and meats available year round I can’t imagine that it’s a bad idea.

It’s good to dream.

Oh! I remembered I also ordered a bunch of herbs! Talking about our spices reminded me. Ahhhh the joys of being a stressed scatter brain.

So remember when BURPEES gives you a coupon code grab life by the horns, click add to cart as your heart desires, and always remember to live a simple life.

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