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I’ve seen memes everywhere saying how horrible 2021 was… either it’s different circumstances, or location, but for us 2021 seemed pretty normal.

Oldest changed schools. Got on the wrestling team and is adjusting rather quickly. He’s a completely different kid without the stress of the other school. I’m happy for him, and know that this was the best choice for him.

With the new school comes an hour commute… which has led us to pursuing moving this year.

Which will mean a change in schools for youngest….

All in all the prospects for 2022 are looking good. More land means more animals, more garden, more work, more chores and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

If inflation has opened our eyes to anything this year it is the fact that we CAN do more for ourselves than we are currently doing. It’s not a matter of time, it’s all in the effort.

The end of this month we are looking forward to breeding our rabbits, and building a sustainable meat source for our family.

Currently I am eyeing chicken chics ready to ship this month, but am only held back by the freezing temperatures we are currently experiencing.

Deer season came to a close yesterday and we didn’t do as well as we hoped, on my part I didn’t go out enough. When oldest gets his own license and not an apprentice it’ll be easier for father and son to each bring home the proverbial bacon.

We miss our pig. Pigs are entertaining to say the least and added that little bit of cheer we all need. Impatiently awaiting spring so we can get 2 pigs this year.

Building a sustainable empire takes a lot of planning and hard work, but we’re here to do it, and look forward to teaching our boys the same path.

Happy New Year everyone! May we all fulfill our big dreams! And life a simple life.

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