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Crossing to the dark side…

So I have been an union worker for almost twenty years at my place of employment, and since before the pandemic I’ve been trying to get a salary position.

I know that “true” union workers find this horrifying, and quite honestly back in the day I would have as well.

Our Union is not what it once was, and over the years it’s become a disgrace. We opened contract more than once. We brought in workers with no pension, and at a lower wage. We have given up a week of excused, unpaid time; have gone to “accrued” vacation time rather than banked. I could go on and on with the losses and not have a word to say about the gains.

Disenchanted with our union is an understatement. For years I was an union steward thinking that I could make a difference, but alas I failed at that.

Seeing the end goal being getting a better wage to get us closer to a farm I started to pursue a salary position. A lot of interviews and near misses later I am standing on the brink of accepting an offer.

To go to the dark side.

I’m not ashamed of my decision, and I am not scared either. Okay that might be a bit of a fib. I’m nervous. What is there to lose at this point? Not a thing, in fact this position is a gain on multiple points. I can flex my hours, the company matches more of my 401k, more pay, I still get paid holidays and paid vacation.

I’m not seeing a down side and with this leap of faith, and soon I’ll make the deal with the devil.

Stay turned for adventures in salary pay, and the hope of getting a farm sooner. So remember dance with the devil when the song is right, and live a simple life.

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