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Rekindled love affair…

For YEARS I used Dr. Bronners castille soap… for EVERYTHING. Overtime my love slowly faded and was almost a distant memory. Until….

Target had a sale on soaps giving you $5 gift cards for your purchase… and the fact that it’s becoming impossible to find household cleaners at the store lately.

Re-enter Dr. Bronners.

This all purpose cleaner is simple easy to make, and cuts grease and grime like you wouldn’t believe.

All you need is a 32 ounce spray bottle, castille soap of your choosing, baking soda and warm water!

Put four teaspoons of baking soda into the spray bottle.

Fill with 3 cups of warm water. Put the top in and shake well until the baking soda has dissolved. Remove the cap. Add two teaspoons of castille soap and replace cap.

Do not shake but gently swirl to mix.

I prefer a citrus scent for the kitchen, and lavender for the bathroom but you can choose what you want to suit you. Dr. Bronners also offers unscented if that suits your fancy.

Use like any other all purpose cleaner and enjoy a chemical, vinegar, alcohol free cleaner!

Remember when life brings the dirt and grime… keep it simple and make a DIY cleaner!!

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