Living in northern rural Indiana where we grow, hunt, and live simple! This blog is the hope to lead to my dream of homesteading and the adventure there in. It’s also a place to vent, relate and teach from our trials and errors in every day living. Living simple is simply taking every opportunity to grow not only food but ourselves.


My name is Lady Rey. I am a lower forty something mother, step-mother, wife, full-time factory worker, small business owner, and now enthusiastic blogger.

I garden to keep the family fed over winter, and year round. We raise our own meat as much as possible, and keep everything as pure and natural as possible.

I guess that last statement may make you wonder if we bathe, but believe me we do! With two boys, and a manly man husband we go through plenty of hot water!

Messy garden hair don’t care…
Find beauty where it grows

I love to read, knit and throw pottery through the colder months. During the warmer months it’s fishing, gardening, canning, freezing and preparing for colder months. this will be my second year attempting to hunt for food for the family.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!!

My mini me helper
This is us