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Rekindled love affair…

For YEARS I used Dr. Bronners castille soap… for EVERYTHING. Overtime my love slowly faded and was almost a distant memory. Until…. Target had a sale on soaps giving you $5 gift cards for your purchase… and the fact that it’s becoming impossible to find household cleaners at the store lately. Re-enter Dr. Bronners. This […]

Crossing to the dark side…

So I have been an union worker for almost twenty years at my place of employment, and since before the pandemic I’ve been trying to get a salary position. I know that “true” union workers find this horrifying, and quite honestly back in the day I would have as well. Our Union is not what […]


I’ve seen memes everywhere saying how horrible 2021 was… either it’s different circumstances, or location, but for us 2021 seemed pretty normal. Oldest changed schools. Got on the wrestling team and is adjusting rather quickly. He’s a completely different kid without the stress of the other school. I’m happy for him, and know that this […]

I miss it…

It seems like forever already that I was picking fresh green beans, lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. I miss it so much already. Can I make it to spring??!! Add in another addition we hope to be moving next year so all of my garden plans have blown up. Sadly I still haven’t gotten […]


This time of year I get so excited and drive myself crazy with ideas. When the garden is done and the cold frame is slowly growing greens my mind begins to race. You may think it’s with thoughts of gifts, schedules, gatherings and other day to day nonsense; but alas it is not. Granted my […]

O’Meals! Not your Pappy’s MRE

I’ve been a fan of O’Meals for quite some time. They are an amazing resource of food for all kinds of situations… snowed in, power is out, stranded with a flat for hours, hunting and fishing trips, camping I can go on and on. There is something for everyone… vegetarians, picky kids, meat eaters, O’Meals […]

It’s that time of year!

It’s that time of year where we all struggle to give a gift with meaning. A Simple Farm has what you’re looking for! From Flippin’ Good Spices, to loose leaf tea blends we’ve got you covered! Send the gift of warmth with our handmade scarves! Warm and cozy to add some Oooooo La-La to your […]

The craziness we call life

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything of matter… it’s been the craziness we call life. Rooster and Oldest have been hunting and got a doe Sunday night. Currently they are skinning her in the garage. I’ve been trying to take time to get out into the woods as well, and be a […]


The pressure is on as deer rifle season is coming to a close. The freezer is in desperate need of more venison. The only thing left is probably 8 pounds from the doe oldest got during youth weekend. That being said I am headed out to the woods tomorrow for an evening hunt. My license […]


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