About FLIPPIN’ GOOD Seasonings

Flippin’ Good Seasonings came about when youngest and I were discussing what we could make to sell. Youngest, the entrepreneur that he is, comes up with spices and teas. Since we like to cook together this seemed like an easy enough project.

The name comes from youngest as well. He said that no matter what people put our seasonings on it’ll be FLIPPIN’ GOOD!! And so, FLIPPIN’ GOOD was born. Youngest even designed the logos… you’ll notice the upside down critters as they are “flipped”. Isn’t he clever!

As much as possible we use herbs that we harvested from our own garden, and if we don’t have it we use the freshest ingredients possible.

Flippin’ Good Fish Seasoning to youngest is also called “Roany”. I don’t know why.

We like taking FLIPPIN’ GOOD Fish Seasoning and adding about a tablespoon to our favorite beer fish batter. We use Shorelunch brand. It really does add some extra flavor to the batter which you really need in my opinion with fried fish.

Flippin’ Good Venison Rub can be used on any cut of venison. Our favorite is to dust back straps with FLIPPIN’ GOOD Venison Rub and smoke it on the smoker. We use whatever kind of lump charcoal is available. I’m not a fan of briquettes with added lighter fluid and “flavor”. Simple works best for us.