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There are two great ways to help on the farm, and we’ll do the chores! Sponsor a farm animal! For $25 you can choose the animal of your choice, name them, and get updates on your farm animal! We’ll also send you adorable photos of your selection. The second option it to donate at our GoFundMe page… FundAFarm.


All pottery is hand crafted by me, Lady Rey. Made in the USA!! I try to use earth tones blue, greens and browns because I believe that the earth, and water are our life source; and is a part of our being.

Simple salsa bowl, cobalt over copper brown

This simple little bowl is perfect for salsa, but has many other possible uses from mixing spices to just holding sugar or salt. $15 shipped USA

Simple spice bowl, green over copper brown

This simple, hand crafted, spice bowl is perfect fit mixing dry rubs, spices, and herbs. It has potential to do so many things in your household! $10 shipped USA

Simple copper brown with cobalt interior

Another hand crafted simple salsa bowl. Perfect for portion controlled snacking, and has a variety of possibilities for uses! $15 shipped USA

Simple green over copper brown

A simple hand crafted bowl, I find it’s perfect for putting rings in when you’re scrubbing off dirt and garden grime! Could also be used as a small salt bowl to add a little pinch while you’re cooking! $10 shipped USA

Solid cobalt blue simple little salsa bowl

A simple all blue bowl hand crafted for snacks, and (my favorite) salsa. Perfect for mixing dry rubs, adding a pinch of your favorite herbs, and so much more! $20 shipped USA


Our “Flippin’ Good” spice line!! Made by youngest, Sqwiggler and myself, we pack tons of flavor in each bottle! You’ll never have another meal without out “Flippin’ Good” seasoning!


Simply add our spice mix to your favorite batter, or put it straight on your fish of choice. You’ll be amazed at the flavor and you’ll wonder how you EVER lived without FLIPPIN’ GOOD FISH in your life!!! We use herbs right from our own garden which adds so much flavor dimension to our spices!

Makes the BEST burger you’ll ever have!
Great on chicken, fish or make into a dip!
Duck Egg Noodles $3

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