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Youngest and I’s adventure day

It’s been a beautiful fall day the sun is out, there is a breeze and it’s low sixties. We started the day with pancakes and a quick trip to town.

We picked up our allergy medicine, milk and a few odds and ends then headed to Papaw’s. Memaw was off garage sale peddling but my nephew was there with Papaw.

After a little family reunion we went into the woods to scope out places for youngest and I to hunt. We found a few lush places that will be ideal come next weekend.

Tromping through the back 40 on a beautiful day has a great start to the weekend.

Once back home youngest helped me move the ducks to the garden side of the runs, and I’d say they’re tickled pink…

It’s off to the showers for me as I’m now covered in everything but mud…. Yes, it’s poop.

Then time to make a nice batch of chili for supper. Tomorrow’s agenda in simplicity is raviolis, bread and noodles.

Rooster and oldest have been out enjoying the Youth Hunting season, and we look forward to them being home too.

In the still quiet of the woods remember to live a simple life. Even when you’re covered in poop it’s a great simple life.

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Grow Where You’re Planted

There stands a tree that held some steps where young boys climbed and played. The steps led to a rope that held them up. The rope led to a swing that gave them smiles and laughter. The summer days were spent in and around this tree; climbing, laughing and learning. They pushed themselves higher, and reached for the sky. Urged to go higher by the other.

There stands a tree that gave a bird a home. The bird built her nest in the crook of this tree. Carefully constructing a nest piece by piece, trip after trip, and layer after layer. In this delicate nest laid a single blue egg that the tree held tenderly and protectively. One day the egg hatched and brought new life in the tree. He waited patiently for momma’s feedings in the comfort of the nest; in the crook of the tree. One day before he could fly a storm came that the tree couldn’t protect him from, and rain washed him away.

There stands a tree, with a crook, and a now empty nest. That for a while it held a sick bat that had landed near, and one day found the comfort of the nest to take a final rest.

There stands a tree, with a crook, an empty nest, and now something more. A sight unseen before. A little green sprout started peaking out, and soon it grew a few green leaves. Now growing so proudly in the tree, in the nest, in the crook of the tree grows new life and beauty. A sunflower, so proud and growing tall proclaiming loudly “Grow where you’re planted, that’s where you’re meant to be.

If you’re that tree and think about your life you’ll see… if we hold others up, give them comfort, a safe place and support the others they will learn and climb to where they’re meant to be.

If we think of the tree and that little bird… we remember the joy of birth and life, and the sorrow in death. If we hold others when they need it, and celebrate their victories, and share in their losses we become stronger for them and ourselves.

When we think of this new sprout in the crook of the tree we realize life is never empty. No matter the trial before, the loss, or the changes we didn’t control; there’s always something next. There’s always a tree waiting to hold you up, to support and comfort you, to show you amazing things. To show you how to be human so simply.

The tree is your friend you fight with, but always return to. The tree is your dad who guides and protects you. The tree is your spouse who holds you tight, and lifts you up. The tree is your sibling who taught you not to fall, but hold on and you’ll make it there. The tree is all of us together.

Living a simple life also means to think simply. So remember… live a simple life and keep climbing higher.

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Don’t sit down…

Tonight after working at my full time job, I came home to pick jalapeños and poblanos, tomatoes and herbs. Vacuum packed the peppers, put the herbs in the dehydrator, and made 36 breakfast sammiches.

How did I manage this? I didn’t sit down.

Off of work, hauling kids to the orthodontist, picking the other up from day care, running to the post office, and picking up prescriptions from CVS… still came home to do do all the usual chores.

Don’t sit down. Once your ass hits that comfy couch it’s over.

No motivational speech or inspiration will motivate you once you sit down. Keep moving.

And live simple life

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Just Shootin’ Cans

Just a boy in the heat of the day shooting cans with a sling shot. How simple is this? There’s nothing wrong with it, he’s not harming the masses, he’s quite simply being a boy.

In the day and age of video games, and technology of all kinds being shoved down kids throats it pleased me that he asked to shoot cans with his sling shot. Our fathers and grandfathers grew up doing the like and look what great men they are.

I may idolize my father because I am his daughter but any many men are made like him anymore. I blame not shooting cans in the heat of a July night.

How many times to we push electrical devices at our kids when we don’t want to “deal” with their boredom? Many a child has been sat in a bouncy seat in front of Barney, Teletubbies, or Bob the Builder.

Back in the day we were sent outside to fend off our boredom. Ride your bike, go find bugs whatever just get out of my hair. My childhood was spent exploring the woods, and the creek behind the house. Add in the equation of my younger brother and needless to say it was never boring. My brother was very and is very accident prone.

Christmas Day circa 1980 something he got a Bug Foot RC truck… needless to say I watched it tumble down a revine Christmas Day in a fiery blaze of glory. End over end down the revine… and Big Foot was no more.

Ah, boy stuff.

Kids need to be kids, and not the sissy version of 2000s, 2010s or 2020s…

They need to shoot cans in the heat of a July night…. and live a simple life.

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In God We Trust… All Others Pay Cash

A delightful theory for your local garage sales, flea markets, and life in general. There was a day not so long ago when cash was King. Now we lug around these plastic devices of debt wherever we go. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Chase the list goes on and on…

Looking back I don’t ever recall my grandfather having a credit or debit card. With the long ago theory of “if I don’t have the cash for it, I simply don’t need it.”

By God we need everything now. That new air fryer, new flooring, that racy new car, shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory of greed.

Truth be told it’s because we are all misfit brats. We see it, we want it, and we want it NOW!

Do we not remember having a sense of pride from saving our quarters, an odd birthday dollar to purchase that prized item? Those days are long forgotten because everything is so expensive we can’t save for it.. it’d take too long. AND WE NEED IT NOW! When in truth if we waited even a month without the item we may find that we really don’t need it, and realize it was only a want.

Whether that want was to compete with Jenny up the block, to keep your kids in the cool scene, or whatever; maybe we should all give this a go, and wait a month before the purchase. Let’s see what happens…

You want to reduce your debt, but don’t want to deny yourself, your kids, your spouse those things they want. Buckle up cupcake hard times are coming.

Back in the 1920s greed and over spending brought us to the Depression. History repeats itself and I think in our lifetime we will see something similar. Jobless, homeless, destitute and desperate business owners closing their shops…. oh wait. We’ve begun that slippery slope in 2020 with the pandemic. Oh what a web we weave!

In short. Treat life like a garage sale. Pay cash and accept cash. It’s how you keep your debt simple.

Live a simple life.

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Ye Ole Barbershop… part two

Since my previous blog rambled off into the shop local campaign I realized my intent of the blog and here’s part two… the real story behind the story.

While chatting about summer break I asked the barber if he had gone on his family vacation. Six weeks ago, the distance between haircuts, he had mentioned looking forward to the trip. Every summer his family, brothers, sisters, and parents get together at a remote cabin in Colorado. The family also meets back up between thanksgiving and Christmas.

He talked of long hikes in the mountains and the beauty of it all. Just finding a large rock to sit on and watch the world go by he said we so serene.

Last night I took his words to heart. I sat on the back steps (my local rock) and watched the world go by. I watched the pink tipped clouds become overwhelmed by the dark impending storm clouds only to emerge again. Once tipped in pink they were now more profound. Larger, brighter, and burnt orange and red by the setting sun’s rays. It was serene, soothing even; and very relaxing. So much beauty passes us by and most don’t even see it.

Today on my weekly Sunday drive I wandered down back roads that led to the unknown to me. It was forty miles from home that I found this amazing little park in the middle of nowhere…

The park had a calendar garden which I had never heard of… so I walked the path and took pictures of our birthdates….

The whole park was amazingly simple and calming. Not only was my drive full of calm, I had now stumbled upon a park that serenity seemed to have built. I sat down upon my rock and watched the world go by.

I took a moment to smile to myself and gave upon all of God’s glory, as I was indeed surrounded in nature herself.

Take the road less traveled.

Sit upon a rock and watch the world go by.


This is the simple life.

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News from the garden

Live a simple life

It’s so exciting to see the yellow flowers popping up on the tomatoes, the jalapeños and pablanos growing already. I could go on and on… so I will.

The corn is coming along nicely surrounded by cucumbers and marigolds.

The garlic is reaching for the sky and just barely starting to yellow at the tips. Their neighbors the carrots seem to be doing well. Root veggies are never my favorite to grow because you can’t see the fruits of your labor.

Cantaloupe is making its way to the fence slowly but surely. Lettuce is beginning to take shape of lettuce rather than mystery weeds.

The sunflowers, oh the sunflowers!! They are almost knee high already! Their companion the provider green beans didn’t survive the heavy rains we had the day after planting.

The luffa or louffa guard plants are getting bigger. As you know I was very impatient on their sprouting, and am happy to finally see some development.

The trash can method potatoes are doing well, and hopefully producing a ton of red and Yukon potatoes!!

The butterfly flower patch has expanded to include two rose bushes and two butterfly plants. They are surrounded with sprouts of sweet peas, and other wild flowers and zinnias. I’m excited for some lovely bouquets from them all!

All in all it’s been a good start to the season. We only lost the green beans, one tomato plant to a bunny, the cucumbers and watermelon that didn’t sprout after the heavy rains; pretty sure I can call it a win so far.

Onion sets and broccoli seeds have been purchased for fall planting. I plan on planting garlic harvested from this years crop in the fall. There is also a reserve of carrots and lettuce seeds for the coming fall months.

This year will be the first year that I really made an effort to grow heirloom varieties of everything as well as an attempt at fall planting. It’s also the first year for companion planting.

Oh! I forgot about the herbs!!! Basil is bushing out nicely after the first cutting. Cilantro is emerging thick in their pot. Mint is contained in containers so it doesn’t overrun the garden. All in all I’m very pleased with everything.

So that’s the news from the garden! Next blog will be about mulching your garden, and yes pictures will be included LOL

Enjoy the lovely weather we are having, and remember… live simple.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor

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A lazy day

After work we went to the big city to stock up on supplies… coffee, soaps for laundry and dishwasher, allergy medicine and other odds and ends.

After unloading said necessities rooster watered the garden and is now spraying the damn dandelions in the yard…

We’ve been sitting in the sun watching the ducks and chickens while sipping adult beverages. The ducks enjoyed a good bath from the hose, and Charlie was stealing the garden water….

Charlie and Rooster

Meanwhile I am thumbing through the latest from GRIT magazine. Considering making apple mead… a back up plan if the damn louffas don’t sprout I guess.

It’s a beautiful night. Warm. Dry, and just humid enough to make your hair frizz. Hashtag perfect night.

The chickens are enjoying the “duck hut” more than the ducks.. They’ve been laying eggs inside the hut and hanging out in the shade.

The birds are chirping, the breeze has slowed, and this lawn chair is pretty comfy.

Today at work I realized that I need to find some mint plants. Why? I’ve been making more Greek food and it seems mint is a staple item in every dish. Why didn’t I think of this before? Not that it’s catastrophic I never saw mint available at the local garden store, but my eyes are wide open and searching now!

The dogs are basking in the sunshine as well, and I’m worried this weekend my alabaster skin will still become lobster red even with sunscreen… it’s supposed to be 86 all weekend which makes a mental note for me to make sure to apply sunscreen to youngest every hour. He’s the ginger of the family I am sure you understand.

Grocery shopping for the week is done and this weekend I just need to make buns, Mayo, and egg bites for the week.

Mental note I need to call the local mom and pop grocery store about getting veggies from them for the pig. I hope to almost completely feed the piggy off of veggies and reduce feed costs considerably.

Today we were property shopping at work…. the shoe doesn’t fit yet if you know what I mean. I think it’s just day dreaming when work is slow. Acreage *sigh* what everyone should dream of rather than the 3000 square foot home on .26 acres. We want/need more land. Can you imaging how much food we could raise then??!!

I think we are a different breed of people…

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Busy bees

We worked today on planting corn, cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkins, sunflowers and nasturtium. Meanwhile Rooster and oldest put in the gate and final post on the pig pen.

The plan of companion planting should provide us enough to feed the chickens, ducks, and supplement the pig. All of this cuts down on the cost of feed. Also it will get us through winter with precious veggies turned into salsa, spaghetti sauce, and so much more. All the extra scrap to the chickens and ducks makes their eggs taste amazing! Which leads to noodles and pierogies!!

I love gardening but this year with my back issues I’ve had to rely on Rooster and the boys to help out. They’ve done a stellar job!!

Tomorrow we are headed to Huntertown Gardens for more garden plants… tomato, jalapeño and herbs. Hopefully some seed potatoes! And in a few weeks sweet potatoes!! Praying for a bumper crop this year.

Planning on selling surplus at a local farmers market to raise more money for farm supplies. Maybe some meat birds…..

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Bigger and Better

A Day in The Simple Life will be coming to YouTube soon with videos about life on our little micro farm. We can laugh together at our mistakes, and learn from our mistakes together!

Also new is our GoFundMe account. You can pick a chicken, duck or pig to name and sponsor. You’ll get email updates on the animal of your choice and see your choice animal featured on YouTube videos! The money raised will go towards feed, supplies, and expanding our micro farm to something bigger and better.

More details to follow!!