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Another weekend gone

A long weekend that you break your back through doesn’t seem so long, or relaxing.

Rooster and I started working on the flooring after work on Thursday.

After only one run to the hardware store, and one to the liquor store we survived.

I’ve always thought and appreciated that Rooster and I work pretty well together on projects. Sure, we get aggravated from time to time, but that’s bound to happen. Overall, I’d say we could assemble IKEA furniture without directions and still have our relationship in tact.

Goodbye nasty carpet! See ya later ugly linoleum!

First we had to lay down underlayment on the subfloor. Use 10# of screws chasing squeaks in the floor. THEN realize theirs a hump between the living room and dining room that’s way more noticeable with the carpet gone. So out came the angle grinder. Lowered the hump and back to work we went.

We started in the living room, then the dining room, and lastly the hallway. The godforsaken hallway all of those cuts around doorways!!! An oscillating saw took care of problem areas. Since we’re replacing the doors we weren’t really shy about cutting away at door frames. Ezypzy.

The headache of it all was the flooring itself. The boxes weren’t filled the same. What I mean is that this flooring had four patterns, and within the box we’d run into a couple in a row that were the same. With four open boxes we were finding more of the same patterns in a row, and it was at times frustrating.

Helpful tip from Helouise… have a name for each pattern. We had feather, eyeball, core and lines. Each describing a characteristic of each pattern. This way when I would holler to Rooster “We need a feather” he knew what he was looking for. Please note it’s good to review what each person involved is calling which piece what because the piece I was calling blonde, Rooster was calling core. After that got cleared up we were a well oiled machine.

Not only did we get the flooring done we managed to take down a bunk bed and assemble a headboard and platform frame with essentially minutes to spare before the youngest got home.

It’s great to have a back that can ache, legs that pull from all the squats, and all the other places that ache. It’s good to ache. It means you worked hard. It means there’s a little extra pride in your work. Another day above the ground.