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Duck Egg Mayonnaise

Welcome to our first publicized recipe on A Day in The Simple Life! If you love a tangy and smooth mayonnaise this is the mayo for you! AND it’s only five ingredients!!

You’ll need… a mason jar or other covered container, a large (10 cup will do) food processor, and a spatula!! Aside from the following ingredients of course…

2 duck eggs, room temp. If you don’t have room temp eggs give them a warm bath in running water for two minutes or so.

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar (you can sub with white but I prefer the tang of red)

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt or more to taste (I used a 1/4)

2 cups extra virgin olive oil (some people only use half of that but I love EVOO)

In your food processor, process the two duck eggs for 20 seconds. Add all ingredients except salt and EVOO (or oil of your choice). process another 20 seconds.

Scrape sides and bottom of processor bowl with spatula. You don’t want to leave any goodness stuck to the walls!

Slowly, and I mean slowly add EVOO to running processor like a drip at a time. Once the mixture begins to thicken you can add a slow steady steam.

Once all EVOO is added, remove the top and taste. Add salt to your guesstimate and process for a few seconds. Taste again. I ended up adding a few more shakes of red wine vinegar then gave it another whirl.

Place you delicious duck egg Mayo in a mason jar or covered container and refrigerate. BAM you’re done!! Except for clean up of course.

So there you have it a tangy and creamy HOMEMADE Duck Egg Mayo! Remember when you have a recipe calling for Mayo, and you’re fresh out… live simply, and whip up another batch!

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The truth about duck eggs

Some people that I have talked to turn up their noses at duck eggs. “They’re wild”, “They’re gamey” are the responses I hear. If you could nominate the most incredible edible egg it’d be the duck egg in my opinion.

Not only are they larger, but they seem to take on a more creamy texture than traditional chicken eggs. I’m a huge fan of over easy eggs, and these are the best.

They are user friendly they bake well, scramble well, and make awesome noodles and dog treats. Every night the fur children require an egg over their meal, or else they won’t eat. Spoiled I know.

The only issue that I have with duck eggs are their shell. I have to hit them four times on the side of the pan to crack them open.

So if you are looking for an alternative to chicken eggs… spice up your egg eating life with duck eggs!