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Killer Rabbits

With the hutch being finished on Friday we were ready to be in the bunny business Saturday morning. Youngest and I woke up, had breakfast and hit the road. Oldest and Rooster had already been in a tree stand for a few hours at that point.

We drove an hour and a half to the rabbitry excited for bunnies. We got to the location that the maps had suggested, and didn’t know which barn to go into. James had messaged and said it’s the barn by the camper… well, all the barns were by the camper. We hung out in the car for a minute since the atmosphere definitely looked like something out of a horror movie. I text James and let him know that we had arrived, and waited.

Eventually a man was hollering at us from the “other barn” with a “Over here!”. We made introductions and chatted for a few minutes. James was a very nice man, and not the serial killer my brain had coaxed me into. He took the time to show Youngest how to handle the rabbits, and explain what to look for in a good show rabbit. It was all very informative and such welcome information.

We toured the 200+ rabbitry and then got to selecting our stock. James was nice enough to line up the three males we had narrowed it down to. One with the perfect coat, one with perfect posture, and the third a large block head that was darn near perfect. Youngest chose the block head, and named him Bugs Bunny.

The females were a little easier to chose. Youngest chose a large female he named Rosie. The second was the smaller of two sisters, he named Gina. We got to experience tattooing the rabbits ear, and learning about bloodlines. These three were of no relation to each other, as was the initial plan.

During our tour James showed us all of the Champagne d’Argent that he had, we saw some Dutch, and Californians. (Here comes the best part)….

The Californians are white rabbits with red eyes. Youngest, serious as all get out, and terrified to boot exclaims “Are those KILLER RABBITS?”.

James was taken aback, “What?”

Youngest went on to explain… “You know, killer rabbits, like on Monty Python!”

James laughed and shocked asked Youngest what he knew about Monty Python.

Youngest, my young Sheldon, went on to explain the brilliant theatrical attributes of Monty Python and the Holy Grail right down to the detail of the coconut horse. If you’ve never seen this cult classic I’ll leave that as fodder. For those of you that HAVE seen it you can understand how proud I was. It was one of those parenting done right moments for me.

So when life puts you in a rabbitry with a nine year old Sheldon… take a second and ask if those are KILLER RABBITS. Laugh, life is meant to be simple.