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O’Meals! Not your Pappy’s MRE

I’ve been a fan of O’Meals for quite some time. They are an amazing resource of food for all kinds of situations… snowed in, power is out, stranded with a flat for hours, hunting and fishing trips, camping I can go on and on.

There is something for everyone… vegetarians, picky kids, meat eaters, O’Meals come in a variety of flavors and meals for every meal!

Breakfast… say you’re cafeteria at work has a water main break and are closed for the day. O’Meals will save the day with maple oatmeal, or hash browns with peppers!

Lunch… in the dog house and you have to pack for yourself? Oh, the choices!!! Spaghetti, tortellini, southwest chicken, creole, PIZZA, chili you won’t mind the dog house at all when you’ve got O’Meals to save the day!

Dinner / Supper… power out? Snowed in? Don’t want to cook? Trapped at work with a super late meeting? O’Meals to the rescue!!!

Got a sweet tooth? Need a midnight snack with short turnaround time? Trapped at home with the kids and need to hideaway and have a little treat? O’Meals have brownies! Lemon cookies! S’more cookies! Be careful they’re delicious!!!

The amazing thing about O’Meals is how they work. O’Meals only require a small amount of water to cook and GET THIS… it can be toilet water, muddy water, swamp water ANY KIND of water yes, even urine, to cook! How is this possible? The water and heating element is kept COMPLETELY separate from the food! In any situation you can use ANY water source to cook up an amazing O’Meal!

Preparing for the what if O’Meals are there for you! O’Meals store for a long time, are small and compact, and taste waaaay better than your Pappy’s MREs from World War 1, 2, Korea or even Vietnam!

If you have a daughter headed to college, or even just starting to drive O’Meals are a great way to give yourself a little comfort. She gets a flat after dark, is cold and hungry… gets stuck in a snow drift… O’Meals tucked in her go bag in the trunk save the day!!

Out on a camping trip with the boys and sick of jerky and bread sammiches? O’Meals! Your buddies will be green with envy as you chow down on Beef Stew, Chili, Spaghetti, Creole Chicken… whatever you choose you’re going to be the star of the day with O’Meals in your pack!

O’Meals are so amazing I could ramble for days on them! Stock the pantry, the go bag, the backpack even the Fanny pack with O’Meals!! A Simple Farm stands by O’Meals and we use them for not only emergencies but for hunting trips as well.

Place your order today! Available on our website!!! Become a part of the O’Meals fan club!!!

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A lazy day

After work we went to the big city to stock up on supplies… coffee, soaps for laundry and dishwasher, allergy medicine and other odds and ends.

After unloading said necessities rooster watered the garden and is now spraying the damn dandelions in the yard…

We’ve been sitting in the sun watching the ducks and chickens while sipping adult beverages. The ducks enjoyed a good bath from the hose, and Charlie was stealing the garden water….

Charlie and Rooster

Meanwhile I am thumbing through the latest from GRIT magazine. Considering making apple mead… a back up plan if the damn louffas don’t sprout I guess.

It’s a beautiful night. Warm. Dry, and just humid enough to make your hair frizz. Hashtag perfect night.

The chickens are enjoying the “duck hut” more than the ducks.. They’ve been laying eggs inside the hut and hanging out in the shade.

The birds are chirping, the breeze has slowed, and this lawn chair is pretty comfy.

Today at work I realized that I need to find some mint plants. Why? I’ve been making more Greek food and it seems mint is a staple item in every dish. Why didn’t I think of this before? Not that it’s catastrophic I never saw mint available at the local garden store, but my eyes are wide open and searching now!

The dogs are basking in the sunshine as well, and I’m worried this weekend my alabaster skin will still become lobster red even with sunscreen… it’s supposed to be 86 all weekend which makes a mental note for me to make sure to apply sunscreen to youngest every hour. He’s the ginger of the family I am sure you understand.

Grocery shopping for the week is done and this weekend I just need to make buns, Mayo, and egg bites for the week.

Mental note I need to call the local mom and pop grocery store about getting veggies from them for the pig. I hope to almost completely feed the piggy off of veggies and reduce feed costs considerably.

Today we were property shopping at work…. the shoe doesn’t fit yet if you know what I mean. I think it’s just day dreaming when work is slow. Acreage *sigh* what everyone should dream of rather than the 3000 square foot home on .26 acres. We want/need more land. Can you imaging how much food we could raise then??!!

I think we are a different breed of people…