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Introduction to the simple life YouTube channel

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YouTube Newb

So I have ventured onto the YouTube! Nothing fancy, just three videos so far. One short clip I took while I was drinking merlot, lounging in a lawn chair has gotten almost 600 views last time I checked!! It’s amazing! Now I just need to get subscribers!

So be sure to check us out on YouTube, Subscribe, Like, Comment! Keep following us here for updates as well!!

A Day In The Simple Life

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Bigger and Better

A Day in The Simple Life will be coming to YouTube soon with videos about life on our little micro farm. We can laugh together at our mistakes, and learn from our mistakes together!

Also new is our GoFundMe account. You can pick a chicken, duck or pig to name and sponsor. You’ll get email updates on the animal of your choice and see your choice animal featured on YouTube videos! The money raised will go towards feed, supplies, and expanding our micro farm to something bigger and better.

More details to follow!!