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In The Simple Life…

In God We Trust… All Others Pay Cash

A delightful theory for your local garage sales, flea markets, and life in general. There was a day not so long ago when cash was King. Now we lug around these plastic devices of debt wherever we go. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Chase the list goes on and on… Looking back I don’t ever recall my […]

Ye Ole Barbershop… part two

Since my previous blog rambled off into the shop local campaign I realized my intent of the blog and here’s part two… the real story behind the story. While chatting about summer break I asked the barber if he had gone on his family vacation. Six weeks ago, the distance between haircuts, he had mentioned […]

Ye Ole Barbershop

With Great Clips popping up on every corner, along with every other commercial hair salon it’s good to know there is a local small town barber nearby. Ah, ye ole barbershop…. Sitting surrounded by guys I first felt out of place taking my son to the barber. Myself being a woman in a man’s place […]

A Simple Supper

Every weeks menu is carefully planned on Thursday. It’s the best day to evaluate what is still left as far as vegetables and other odds and ends in the kitchen. We try very hard to not repeat meals from week to week, and try at least one new meal every few weeks. We try to […]

The battle with tomatoes

The weather has not been forgiving lately… rain, rain, and more rain. Temps have fallen to the 70s, and although humid it’s not great tomato weather. The other day I noticed the dreaded early blight or septoria leaf blighting the tomato plants. For those of you unfamiliar with this menace to the garden you’ll be […]

F###ing Charlie

First of all I love this dog, but he’s taking to eating the house, and I’m at my wits end. Whenever I have my back turned he prances off the hallway where there is exposed drywall… we are in the middle of remodeling… and eats the drywall!!!! He shows no remorse and gives zero shakes […]

WTF do I do with BEETS??!!

You may have been gifted some beets from the resident gardener in your neighborhood, and now you are asking yourself what the F*** do I do with BEETS? ah, the disgusted childhood eye looks back upon these odd wonders of the soil. Kind of a dirty brown color, with reddish purple tops. As children we […]

Louffa Gourds

Remember these? The things I’ve been trying to grow for 3 years now? The failed attempts over and over? Year one nothing sprouted, year two they drowned in tsunami rain storms, and this is the tale of year three…. I planted the seeds around the electrical pole in the backyard with my son. Thinking it’d […]


As the garden has fast become a jungle I’m left waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. I am pretty patient about the tomatoes because once they start to ripen I become crazy busy. I don’t want any of their goodness to go to waste. Last year during furlough I was able to can every single […]


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