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In The Simple Life…

The Last of the Summer Wine

This year as summer wound down, and fall began to creep in we had an unwelcome egg thief. Which caused me to lose my mind, and rip out the remains of the garden. As I began ripping out the last of the tomatoes and peppers I began to find little hoards of food in the […]

The girls… The Lady Lumps

Whatever you call them I am an absolute advocate for breast health! Regular monthly self exams are vital to knowing your breast. Monthly checks are a great way to identify any change in your breast tissue. If something feels off call your Ob/Gyn. Do not hesitate and do not feel silly. It’s your life we’re […]

When Panic Strikes…

Yesterday at 10:59 a.m. we received THE email from corporate that we’ve all been dreading. By December 8th we MUST all comply and be COMPLETELY VACCINATED. I spent the rest of my day fighting waves of anxiety, tears and anger. I’ve been with this company for almost 20 years, and now it’s over. The Rooster […]

Honey’s Trip to the Market

I guess market is a nicer way of saying the butcher… we’d been wondering when Honey should go into the bacon factory because we are quite honestly clueless and new to the whole hog raising business. Google and/or Bing suggested by his shoulder width he’d be about 300 pounds. By the way he pushed Rooster […]

Youngest and I’s adventure day

It’s been a beautiful fall day the sun is out, there is a breeze and it’s low sixties. We started the day with pancakes and a quick trip to town. We picked up our allergy medicine, milk and a few odds and ends then headed to Papaw’s. Memaw was off garage sale peddling but my […]

Take Time to Decompress…

This week, and the past few have just seemed extra crazy. Between football practice and games, guitar lessons, dentist appointments, one kid quarantined, homework, garden chores (canning, freezing, dehydrating, chores, a critter thief in the coop, a 40 plus hour work week and common every day things to do I just feel overwhelmed. Frazzled almost. […]

The Incredible, Edible… Nasturtium!

I’ve probably been saying this wrong, and I know that I have been spelling it wrong. Nastrium that’s how I say and spell it. Nas-tree-um I never knew about the plant until a trip to the local Organic Garden, DeKamps Gardens, and Pam had us try a flower. I was shocked it was peppery and […]

Diatomaceous Earth The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Many people probably haven’t heard of this amazing natural product! I know the first time I heard about diatomaceous earth was on the Fox television show BONES. Temperance Brennan was talking about discovering diatomaceous earth near a body, or something along those lines… The details of the episode are lost to me, but the words […]

Heeeeeeeeeeeey you guuuuuuuuuuys!!!!

Hey you guys! News from A Day in The Simple Life!!! We started a cool little hot mess of a podcast! Had to share with all of you followers, new and old! So excited!!! So from A Day in The Simple Life with wild hair, and coffee breath… remember to Live A Simple Life and […]


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